Standby Coby Getzug was endearing as Elder Cunningham, giving a convincingly nerdy air to the friendless second banana, a designated follower with an over-active imagination.
— Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post

• The Black Suits 

[I]t’s all held together by a relatable performance by Getzug, who uses a strong voice and crackerjack comic timing to make Chris more likable and sympathetic.
— Jenelle Riley, Variety

• Spring Awakening (National Tour) 

Coby Getzug, winningly touching in a fully iconic topiarylike hairdo...
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times
Getzug in the role gives the best portrayal of self-destructive teen angst in the show.
— Mark Wedel, Kalamazoo Gazette
Getzug exudes a likeability factor that makes it easy to see just why he stood out among the crowd.
— Noah Jordan, 303 Magazine

• Spring Awakening (La Mirada) 

Getzug’s Moritz is a study in panic and fear, his face constantly contorted in confusion and anger, making his suicide inevitable.
— Eric Marchese, Backstage Magazine

• The Lieutenant of Inishmore 

As we’ve already seen the massacred condition of Wee Thomas, carried into Donny’s cottage by Davey (a sprightly Coby Getzug), the long-haired simpleton brother of Mairead, who denies having run over the animal with his bicycle, we can imagine the extent of Padraic’s rampaging fury.
— Charles McNulty, LA Times
Séan G. Griffin and Coby Getzug share some wonderful comic moments as mean-hearted Donny and hapless Davy.
— Paul Hodgins, OC Register
Getzug and Griffin are superb as the bungling fools hoping to avoid Padraic’s wrath.
— Les Spindle, Backstage Magazine